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Where To Eat Healthy In Dallas: Modmarket

_MG_8706I think I’ve found my new favorite restaurant. Seriously guys, this place is a health-nut’s DREAM. Modmarket opened on the corner of 75 and Walnut Hill in February and I had been dying to check it out since I spotted it across from the newest Traders Joes a few months ago. It wasn’t until I saw their calorie conscious menu and that their motto is “We believe a diet of simple, whole foods is key to a happy, healthy life,” that I knew I had to stop by. After spending a total of $8, eating a total of 500 calories, and feeling totally and completely satisfied with my delicious experience did I realize that this is the restaurant I’ve been waiting for my entire life.  (more…)

Calorie Counting: The Easy Way To Keep Track and Lose Weight!

pantsLosing weight is a very difficult thing to do if you don’t know how! There are SO many diet fads out there: Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, Atkins, etc. Everyone is different and one might work for you over others. The reason I was so successful my first year of weight loss was thanks to the Jenny Craig diet program! I was in college and having a weeks worth of food shipped to me already packaged, measured, and calorie counted was the easiest way for me to quickly begin eating healthy without much thought. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to be on a program like that, in fact, I had a hard time figuring out what kind of food and how much of it I should be eating after I stopped eating Jenny Craig meals. Luckily, Jenny Craig did teach me one thing very important to losing weight: PORTION CONTROL.


Where To Eat Healthy In Dallas: Offshore’s Nextdoor

offshoresThe next stop on my journey to find healthy ways to eat out around Dallas brings me to one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants that you’ve probably driven past a million times. Offshore’s Nextdoor is located on the corner of Walnut Hill and Audelia and for not being very well known, they have some of the best sea food and ambiance I’ve seen for SUCH an incredible price! Stop by next time you’re in the area to check out their Paleo menu, awesome craft beers on tap, and the best ahi tuna burger I’ve ever had for only $10.95!  (more…)