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Trip Recap: Portland, OR

Proposal Rock

This has been the summer of random trips around the country to visit family and friends for weddings and special occasions. When my younger brother landed the lead in Hair: The Musical in Salem, OR, I had no other choice but to fly up to see him. I’ve heard from countless people about how incredible Oregon is and it surpassed every expectation I had. It truly is one of the most beautiful states I’ve seen in the US filled with trees, creative people, delicious food, and the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.


Trip Recap: Sazon Anita Vineyards Bed & Breakfast

Sazon Anita Vineyards PoolThe summer is the perfect time to get swept away in plans, projects, and vacations, but it’s also a time to get overwhelmed with how full your schedule might be. The constant working and heat always gets the best of me around this time of year. Summer begins to be exhausting and fall can’t come soon enough. That’s why my boyfriend and I decided to take an impromptu drive to Sherman, TX to stay at the beautiful Sazon Anita Vineyards Bed & Breakfast for a little weekend escape.


Trip Recap: Chicago

The BeanI have now visited Chicago five times and I can proudly say I’ve done about every touristy thing on the list. This past weekend I travelled up to the windy city once again for my best friends’ wedding and was delighted to show my boyfriend around the exciting town for the first time. Deep-dish pizza, The Bean, The Signature Room, Portillo’s hot dogs, and sprinting to make the train are just a few highlights! (more…)

North Carolina Trip Recap

north carolinaI LOVE VACATIONS. There’s something about packing your favorite outfits and getting up early to eat breakfast at the airport before flying to a new city that makes me so giddy and excited. So, when my little brother got a lead in his college’s musical in North Carolina, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to take a little trip. We received so many recommendations of what to do while we were there from friends and family, but we ended up completely winging it due to two days worth of rain. It was such a relaxing and beautiful little trip full of very indulgent food, a self-serve beer tap, a huge flea market, and a bad ass rental car. (more…)

A Birthday Getaway To Pottsboro, TX


SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! I don’t know about yall, but I have missed the sunshine. Lack of Vitamin D for months gets me craving a beach somewhere far away from Texas. I’ve been saving money since Christmas for a future tropical vacation, but a little R&R getaway can be necessary after the stupid winter weather we have had lately. So, Justin and I decided to spoil ourselves for a night in celebration of both of our birthdays this month. (more…)