Where To Eat Healthy In Dallas: Mudhen Meat and Greens


As long as I’ve lived in Dallas, it has been a mission of mine to find the healthiest ways to eat out around town. When I heard that there would be a new veggie-centric restaurant opening attached to the farmers market, I marked my calendar and patiently awaited it’s arrival. It has only been open a few weeks and I can embarrassingly admit that I’ve tried almost 1/4 of their seasonal menu already. This restaurant is any health-nut’s dream come true. With an abundant amount of vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, and paleo options; Mudhen Meat and Greens is officially my new favorite restaurant in town. 

“I really regret eating healthy today.” -Said no one ever is the quote featured at the top of the menu. I already knew I was going to love this place. The menu at Mudhen has everything you could want out of a seasonal spread. The giant veggie board on the wall lists what is available based on the week and what they can prepare for you in their build-your-own-bowl menu option. Their drink options include fresh pressed juices, hot bone broth, bulletproof coffee, mock-tails, cocktails, smoothies, wine, and beer.

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This is a section from the bottom of their menu that I felt was important enough to feature in my article. The fact that they felt the need to use the bottom half of a page to inform you of what they’re all about shows how much they care. The manager that waited on us both times we visited remembered that I was gluten-free and made sure to inform me of my options each time I came in. I have never felt so comfortable eating out and I’m obsessed.

For an appetizer, I simply had to try their Pork Plantain Poutine loaded with green chili pork, avocado cream, black beans, cilantro, and pico de gallo on top of plantain chips. WHAT A FLAVOR. It was way more food than I expected and way worth it for a $14 appetizer. This could easily be an entree.


They have a daily rotating surprise soup for $4 a cup or $7 a bowl. This was a chicken curry bone broth soup and holy cow was it flavorful. Packed with chicken, sweet potato, and veggies, this soup was so worth $7. I also tried their tomato basil the next week that was possibly the best fresh tomato soup I’ve ever had.


For my main entree, I chose the Loco Moco: a beef patty made with bacon and mushrooms on top of cauliflower rice with a sriracha vinaigrette covered Vital Farms egg. Fresh and delicious. You really can’t go wrong.

I was able to try the Root Vegetable “Angel Hair” pasta dish and wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be. It’s a fantastic option if you’re craving pasta without gluten or dairy, but there’s not a ton of flavor besides the overwhelming walnut cream sauce.


The true treat was the gluten-free carrot cake we splurged on for dessert. Unfortunately, I was so excited about the cake I forgot to take a picture, but thanks to Michelle A. from yelp I have a visual for you. The cake is sweet potato based making it one of the moistest gf cakes I’ve ever had, and it was loaded with flavor. The frosting has cream cheese in it, but that was the only unfortunate ingredient worth mentioning because the only other ingredients were carrots, spices, nuts, raisins, and happiness with a caramel peanut sauce. Whole cakes are available for special order for $48. The slices alone are gigantic….just a warning. Be prepared to eat it all.

I will probably be going back again this weekend to continue trying every item on the menu. I have left the restaurant full, but not uncomfortable, with a bill of about $40 for two people. Healthy, fresh, reasonably-priced, and a rotating menu?! How much more could you ask of a new restaurant in Dallas? Thank you Mudhen, I’m beyond excited for your future….and the upcoming brunch menu you have promised!

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Cake photo courtesy of Michelle A. on yelp

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