My Top 5 Dallas Workout Classes

Dallas workout classes

Exercise is a way to burn calories and keep your body in good shape, and good health. It is also one of the most dreaded parts of any sane person’s day. Working out has never been very high on my priority list, but once I realized exercise was part of the weight loss equation, it naturally became part of my daily to-dos. Throughout the years, I have tried many different kinds of classes to learn about all the ways you can burn calories and stay in shape. These are my top 5 picks for workout classes I’ve attended in Dallas. 

1. CorePower Yoga


I started taking yoga classes in college and grew to enjoy the relaxing poses and meditation that I learned from my beginners classes. Yoga isn’t exactly my workout of choice, but I highly recommend CorePower for someone looking for an awesome yoga studio that has cardio class options as well! Their Yoga Sculpt class combines hand weights with the standard Vinyasa posing in a slightly heated room. I felt extremely refreshed when I walked out of class due to the super fun party music and high spirits of my classmates. The location of the studio in Mockingbird Station overlooks all the shops and restaurants and motivates you to have a fun night out with friends after class. And guess what! They offer your first week of classes absolutely free, so stop by and try out a few different classes before you decide if it’s the right fit for you. They also offer unheated classes for beginners.

2. Crowbar Cardio


This tiny studio is tucked away just off of Lower Greenville, but they have SO much to offer. Crowbar consists of multiple different classes: rowing, cycling, barre, and combinations of all three. I took their Indo-Row rowing class and it was probably my favorite workout class I’ve ever been a part of. The Indo-Row machines have actual water to help recreate the action of rowing on water. These machines were used on the popular TV show, The Biggest Loser, because the seat actually displaces your weight, making it a low-impact, full-body exercise that burns just as many calories as running does. The class worked as a team rowing to the finish line. It was an extremely rewarding experience. Crowbar offers $20 for an unlimited first week of classes.

3. Beyond 500


This program is a miracle for someone who doesn’t have the strength, or will power, to stick to any kind of high-intensity interval training. This fast-paced work out guarantees you burn at least 500 calories every time. Their classes combine the Woodway curve treadmill for cardio with the Pilates chair and kettle bells for strength. The coolest part about the work out is that the treadmills don’t have a motor, making them completely self-propelled! This allows you to be in control of your speed. They also have a shock absorber making  it way easier on your joints. This class leaves you sweating and eager to come back for more! $15 for your first class.

4. Exhale Core Fusion Barre & Spa Infusions


Working out at Exhale Spa feels like an escape from normal exercise. It’s one of the nicest boutique gyms I’ve ever been to. They also offer full spa services upstairs that you can purchase along with your classes if you feel like getting a massage after your relaxing yoga by the rooftop pool! Your membership even includes access to the pool year-round (probably the biggest perk). They offer a variety of yoga, cardio, cycling, and barre classes at their newly renovated space attached to the Highland Hotel. They offer a $30 unlimited first week of classes so you can get an awesome preview at all the perks. If you want even more of a preview, they have a free class every Sunday at 10 AM at Klyde Warren Park!

5. Title Boxing


Not only does boxing burn up to 1,000 calories an hour, it’s also incredibly bad ass and can  increase your self-defense skills outside of the gym. This boxing gym offers a variety of boxing, kickboxing, and personal training. Each class starts with cardio, includes a number of different boxing/kickboxing moves that the instructor can teach you if you’re new, and ends with floor exercises. You can’t help but feel empowered as you use your own strength and body to it’s full potential. It’s not just a work-out, but a bit of therapy too as you punch out anything you might have on your mind. Title’s first class is free so you have no excuse but to try it out!

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3 Responses to My Top 5 Dallas Workout Classes

  1. Mai Lyn says:

    I LOVE Beyond 500. Totally calorie torcher. Great list!

  2. I really have been wanting to try the Title Boxing in Cedar Hill. I think reading this just confirmed I need to sign up for some sessions. Great List!

  3. Ginger Marie says:

    I would die in that Crowbar class! I literally have no upper body strength but that is all the more reason to check it out! Thanks for sharing!!

    Ginger Marie |

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