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Avocado Egg Salad

Avocado Egg SaladQuick lunches are sometimes difficult to keep healthy; not with this version of egg salad though! By switching mayonnaise with avocado, this delicious meal can be prepared SO fast and will keep you full for hours! Don’t stress about weekdays lunches, this little recipe will make it easy.  (more…)

My Favorite Healthy Snacks


Before I started losing weight, snacking was my worst enemy. Throughout school, I learned a very depressing fact about myself…..I am a stress eater. I know, it’s terrible. If I was cramming for an exam, waiting for news, watching TV, or upset about something sitting in my apartment I would always have a craving to go to the snack cabinet and grab something to eat to take my mind off of it. The only thing that stopped me from snacking when I began my weight loss journey was not having unhealthy snacks around the house. If they weren’t around, I couldn’t eat them! But, it’s important to keep healthy snacks around when you are craving a little something. Here is a list of my favorite healthy snacks for those munchie moments.


Where to eat healthy in Dallas: Yucatan Taco Stand


Let’s all be honest with ourselves, the best part about Dallas is the food. The only thing any of us ever plan, or look forward to, is going out to brunch for bottomless mimosas or happy hour to get chips and salsa with a margarita on the side. Moving to lower Greenville turned my restaurant outings into a very regular occasion, especially now that it’s patio weather. All of the extra calories one can consume in a normal serving at a restaurant can be problematic though. I’ve made it my goal to do some research, dig up a little dirt on these popular restaurants, and figure out who actually has healthy options for those of us not looking to pack on the extra lbs. (more…)