Trip Recap: Sazon Anita Vineyards Bed & Breakfast

Sazon Anita Vineyards PoolThe summer is the perfect time to get swept away in plans, projects, and vacations, but it’s also a time to get overwhelmed with how full your schedule might be. The constant working and heat always gets the best of me around this time of year. Summer begins to be exhausting and fall can’t come soon enough. That’s why my boyfriend and I decided to take an impromptu drive to Sherman, TX to stay at the beautiful Sazon Anita Vineyards Bed & Breakfast for a little weekend escape.

I had seen advertisements for this little vacation spot on and thought it would be the perfect place to take a break for a night. After an hour and a half drive out of the city we were greeted with a friendly smile, hug, and a beer from the lovely owners John and Angela Sell. They personally built this beautiful home on 30 acres a few years ago because they had a dream of owning their own vineyard. The home has two attached rooms with separate entrances for guests that come equipped with complimentary wine, a walk-in stone shower, fireplace, TV, coffee/tea maker, an incredibly comfortable king-size cloud of a bed, and cookies for a late night treat!

Sazon Anita Vineyard Wine

Huge windows overlook their terra-cotta pool, vineyard, fishing pond, and stable that holds their two rescued horses. I immediately felt relaxed, and at home. We stopped into a small Italian restaurant down the street, Napoli’s, thanks to the recommendation from the Sells for dinner. After we stuffed ourselves with caesar salad, breadsticks, and chicken piccata, we made our way back to the vineyard to take a late night dip in the pool with our complimentary wine.

Sazon Anita Vineyard Horse

There is nothing quite like being in the quiet country at night overlooking the stars. There isn’t a single sound to be heard or a light to distract you from the beauty of the night sky. We wrapped ourselves in the HUGE pool towels that are provided to lay outside and talk before we settled down in bed to watch a movie on their cable TV.

Sazon Anita Vineyard Guest Book

Breakfast was served next-door between 7-10 AM. We spoke with Angela the night before about what time worked best for us so everything would be fresh and warm. We sat down with the owners for a 2 course feast including every breakfast food you can think of. We started out with a fresh fruit parfait with a croissant, homemade jelly, and bottomless warm coffee. The main meal was an egg and cheese soufflé with a side of waffles, bacon, and sausage. It was such a treat.

Sazon Anita Vineyard Grapes

We spent the rest of the trip driving around the area finding antique stores, stopping into Choctaw, buying fudge from the Amish store, and driving around Lake Texoma 10 minutes down the road to admire the views we can’t get in Dallas. So, if you’re in need of a little getaway before school starts back up again definitely look into this incredibly comforting Bed & Breakfast that is filled with love and excellent hospitality.


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Give Angela a call to make a reservation at Sazon Anita Vineyards Bed & Breakfast! It’s only $159/night. Their phone number is 877-628-0301 and their email is!

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